How to Share your STORY

As many of you know we truly care about what we do here at Browse 25. We take pride in our friendly and honest service, our competitive pricing, and Figo’s quick paper proof turnaround is basically unheard of in our industry. We love working with you and we love to hear your stories and why your customer is ordering that specific wristband.

Nancy had an “aha” moment last summer that sparked this new campaign. Read on my friends:


Last summer as I was setting up my wristband and lanyard display at a client’s office, I experienced a profound aha moment. As I looked at each band, I saw more than colors, text, and size.  I realized that I was replaying in my mind the STORY behind each of the bands on my display; stories of joy, inspiration and victory, courage, honor, humanity, and community.

I was momentarily overwhelmed as I recalled some of the stories.  Stories of worldwide mission trips, motorcycle rides to honor our military, precious little Bella, an anti-bullying campaign and a distracted driving campaign both developed by families dedicated to sharing their story and offering positive alternatives so others could avoid the heartache they knew firsthand, as well as student and employee safety programs. The stories are as far-reaching as the distances our wristbands and lanyards have traveled; to every corner of our great United States of America, Jamaica, Australia, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Europe and more.

As I drove back to the office that day, I realized that Browse 25 doesn’t just sell silicone wristbands.  We help create and promote awareness for worthy causes that have the potential to positively change lives.

I feel a huge sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be involved in even a small way in these great endeavors.  I realized these stories – your stories – must be shared with the world.

YOU, yes you! We would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to share your story.

To help share your story, we need your help.

Please provide a photograph as well as a description, long or short, of the events surrounding one of your wristband or lanyard projects.

As every picture tells a story, we would like to request a high-resolution photo of the people, places and/or events where your client utilized these products.

Here are a few guidelines for things to include in your story:

  • The history of the project or event that led them to want to promote it or promote the cause
  • The purpose or intent of the project
  • Who it touched
  • How it helped
  • How others can help


Please send your photos and story by email and/or Dropbox.  Written, Video or Audio.  Email to:, see link box for Dropbox link.


Where will we use your photos and STORIES?  Based on your permissions (see link box below), I would like to share your story through the following channels:

  • Email advertising
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • ZoomCatalog
  • Browse 25 website


We deeply appreciate your help in bringing this project to life.  To express our gratitude for providing a usable story and photos, we will provide you with the following:

  • A $25 gift card to the location of your choice (store, restaurant, movie passes, you name it); or a $25 check to you personally
  • Your name and distributor name will be typed next to picture and story wherever published or displayed (blog, brochure, booth display, B25 website, etc.)
  • A link to your customer’s website to give their wonderful program more exposure


NOW! Please send all high resolution photos and your story to

If you have any questions about preparing or submitting your story, please feel free to call our office at 480-284-5644.

We sincerely appreciate you.  Let’s share your special story with the world and continue changing lives one band at a time.

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