Brotherhood Ride

Our organization consists of Firefighters, Police Officers and EMS personnel who ride bicycles to honor emergency responders who died in the line of duty.  Our mission is to provide emotional and financial support to their families on or near the anniversary of their death.

Over the past seven years we have honored the memory and sacrifice of a total of 468 First Responders which includes; firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel.  Our team has traveled on bicycles over 5,700 miles, through sixteen states and have been hosted and assisted by over forty Elks Lodges nationwide.

Through year-round fundraising efforts, the Brotherhood Ride has been able to honor the memory of fallen heroes and provide emotional and financial support to their families.  Past Brotherhood Rides include cycling to Charleston, SC in 2008; Florida in 2009; Houston, TX in 2010; New York City (Ground Zero) in 2011; Florida in 2012; Tennessee in 2013 and Florida & Texas in 2014.  In the past seven years we are very proud to have donated over $248,000.00 to the families left behind.

The Brotherhood Ride is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Other than the cost of conducting the rides, all donated proceeds go directly to the beneficiaries designated.  No one is compensated for their time in order to maximize the impact of donations.

Let’s get connected!

Not only do we sell our wristbands for donations, we also give them to the families of who we are honoring and the firefighters and police officers who escort us safely during the rides.

Here’s an example of one of the many stories that have touched so many: During our 2012 Ride, one of our escorts from Broward County Florida took our wristband and placed it around the gas cap of his department motorcycle.  Later that year Deputy Schaub was struck and killed while responding to a call.  His co-workers collected his motorcycle and returned it to the Sheriff’s Office.  They removed the wristband from the gas cap and delivered it to his son, who is also a deputy on the same department.  Deputy Schaub’s son knew this meant a lot to his father and then contacted me about ordering more for the family to have.  The next day we drove from Naples to Broward County to make sure the Schaub Family as well as the department had the wristbands.  We did attend the funeral a few days later and noticed that the whole motorcycle unit had the wristbands on their gas caps.  During our 2013 Ride we honored Deputy Schaub.

Don’t forget to read this letter from the President and Founder of The Brotherhood Ride, Jeff Morse.

Kimberly Ratcliff from Direct Effect Inc. was kind enough to reach out to her client, The Brotherhood Ride to help us share their story. Thank you, Kimberly!


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